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Roast King SG
15 Jalan Tepong Jurong Food Hub #02-12
MW Impex Pte Ltd
Buffet & Catering, Other Services

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You Host, We Roast!

We started ROAST KING SG to cater to the niche market as we notice live stations was slowly becoming a trend at wedding and events. Consumers like the idea of watching how food is being made on the spot and served hot. We thought about how we could incorporate meat into the live station and that was how ROAST KING SG was born.

On-site spit whole roast lamb is very common in Western countries and we thought why not in Singapore. It is for customers who want that memorable live station that people will talk about at events. It is about providing a visual experience that stimulates the taste buds and serving delicious tender lamb in an exciting way.

The 1st Kambing Golek Sg live station in Singapore that promises to deliver tasty juicy lamb and provide a visual experience for guest.

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