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Joel Hanson Li
FUMhouse Productions
Bridal Wear & Boutique, Makeup Artist & Hairstylist, Photography & Video, Wedding Cakes & Desserts, Wedding Decorations & Flowers, Bridal Jewelry & Accessories, Wedding Cars & Transportation, Chinese Wedding Services, Western Wedding Services

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Getting married, for many, is a once in a lifetime event - and what you want is the best, what you want is a dream come true.

We believe in nothing less than a fully customized wedding experience, your beauty, your youth, your perfect-ness captured in a timeless piece that you can watch and relive the moment years and years later.

We believe in the pristine beauty of love and romance, and we want nothing but the best for you and the soul mate you have chosen to spend the rest of life with.

It all begins with you saying yes.

FUMhouse Productions
FUMhouse is a professional videography firm specializing in customized video storytelling, from corporate to weddings to event videos. What FUMhouse also boasts is short response times, able to engage and deliver our videos on short notice, and an absolutely pleasant service - tell us your story, and we'll make it into reality.

Sochii Kamiya
Hairstyling. Makeup. Nails. Go bold and go full out with any style you like - at ridiculously affordable prices that promise nothing but the best quality artwork.

Other Collaborator(s)
A wedding is a great excuse to be and look lavish - complete the celebrity experience with a rented limousine with a professional driver because... why not?

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